50 Celebrity Net Worths That Will Shock You

50 Celebrity Net Worths That Will Shock You

Celebrities are used to getting pretty big paychecks, but the size of those checks can be more than the average person will make in a lifetime.

From athletes to movie stars, the list of celebs with astounding net worths is almost too long to believe. We start with celebs worth a measly $30 million and work our way through the cash stacks to the billions.

You won’t even be able to wrap your head around the net worth of the richest person on this list. Click through to see how much your favorite celebrity is really worth.


Joseph Gordon Levitt net worth

50. Joseph Gordon Levitt: $30 million

Joseph Gordon Levitt starred in blockbuster hits like Inception and 500 Days of Summer holds a net worth of $30 million. He has been an actor forever as he began working in movies since his childhood. He has been in several television programs and commercials and has also worked on some interesting collaborative projects. Gordon-Levitt has made a conscious decision only to be in “good movies”. Sir, we understand what you are trying to say!

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