Could you get this 12.5 kg Gold bar out of this glass?!

Could you get this 12.5 kg Gold bar out of this glass?!

Will you go out with bare hands a 12.5 kg Gold Bar of his glass box?

In this episode of the Japanese TV show Knight Scoop, the team received a letter from a student who speaks of a mysterious gold impossible out of his glass box.

This ingot is located in the Museum of a goldmine of Sadogashima Island to the Japan. The ingot, a value of 450 000 $ is placed in the middle of a glass display case, it is possible to get it out through a hole of 8,5 cm in diameter, knowing that the ingot measured 7.8 cm wide.

A detective of the show went on-site to attempt the challenge. First problem, the weight of the ingot. The man explains that 12.5 kg, it is the weight of a bike!

Second, move the bullion by the hole while holding it with his hand. Mission impossible? No, the Museum guard precise that 3 people have managed to get out the ingot and the lucky ones won a gold with a value of USD 45 card.

Tantei Knight Scoop, one of Japan’s real-life detective show accepts the challenge with Ishida, one of the shows accomplices.

Watch the video below :